How to select and sell tea for your business - Milan
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How to select and sell tea for your business - Milan

This course is in Italian.

This course offers the unique opportunity to immerse yourself even more in the world of tea, obtaining the necessary tools to enrich your proposal and conquer the most demanding palates. The module, which will take place in presence, is held by Elisa Moratello, Tea Taster and founder of Teatips. The course provides an accurate analysis of the situation of each participant, the tools to orient themselves independently in the world of tea, learn about teas of different levels and learn how to select them and know the right techniques to propose tea in their business. 

This course is perfect for you if:

  • tea is part of your job and you would like to approach a more conscious selection
  • recognize the value of tea as a product and would like to learn how to effectively promote it
  • would you like to learn to recognize the flaws of a bad quality tea
  • would you like to learn to recognize if the value of a tea is right
  • would you like to know which teas are best suited to different times of the day


  • Tea categorization: know the main categories of tea (green, black, oolong, white, pu-erh) and their distinctive features
  • terroir and quality: the importance of geographical origin in determining the characteristics of tea
  • tasting practice: guided tasting session to learn the basics of tea quality assessment (recognize defects, understand the elements that determine the high quality of a tea)
  • marketing and education: how to effectively communicate to customers the characteristics, value and origins of teas proposed; what business opportunities can tea and its culture offer

The course will take place in presence, and will include a practical part of guided tasting. Participants will be left with the materials of the topics provided.


Time: from 9:30am to 13pm

Location: the course takes place in the classrooms of MUMAC Academy. Meeting point at the main entrance of Gruppo Cimbali, in via Manzoni 17 in Binasco (MI) 

Price: € 150,00 per person TAX/VAT included

Info and registration: click "REGISTER" at the bottom of the page or send an e-mail to

Information to be provided at registration: 

  • type of profession
  • objectives related to the knowledge of tea (e.g. if you are planning to start selling tea, if you want to improve product knowledge, if you want to improve the supply of tea in your local etc.)

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Gruppo Cimbali S.p.A.
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Registration deadline: no later than 17 November 2023. The course will be activated upon reaching the minimun number of partecipants.