MUMAC Academy, Gruppo Cimbali’s Coffee Machine Academy, which has been promoting coffee culture around the world since 2014, presents the X15 Recipe Book, a collection of recipes created with the Faema X15 Fully Automatic espresso machine.

The book is packed with useful and creative ideas and tips for preparing espresso, milk-based and plant-based drinks, hot chocolate and tea, as well as alcoholic drinks, to mark every moment of the day with a tasty break.

An e-book containing 10 recipes, it is perfect for anyone who owns the small, practical, hi-tech and intuitive Faema X15 Fully Automatic. The machine’s technology accompanies the user through all these preparations and makes them even easier. That’s not all! The X15 Recipe Book is also a collection of original tips for coffee lovers who want to experiment with new and original recipes every day.

Download here the X15 Recipe Book.

MUMAC Academy @ HOST 2021