A Proper Tea - Online
24th February 2024
A Proper Tea - Online

This course is in Italian.

An introduction to the world of tea, with a focus on theory and practice, dedicated to the correct preparation processes. After an introduction of the theory on the origin and the diffusion process of the tea plant, we will do a practical lesson where we will learn the fundamentals of how to prepare a good cup of tea, thanks to our tasting kit that will be delivered once course registration has been completed. This course is held by Elisa Moratello, Tea Taster and Founder of Teatips.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • when you prepare tea, it often seems too bitter or tasteless
  • you always add sugar to your tea
  • you don’t really think much of tea and its varieties (i.e. you are not exactly ‘in love with it’)
  • you would like to understand the difference between tea when prepared as a “loose leaf” tea versus a tea prepared in a tea bag
  • you would like to know about new types of tea
  • you want to understand better what are the tools and accessories used to prepare tea

Kit: once the registration has been confirmed and paid for, you will have a kit sent to yo with:

  • 2 samples of loose-leaf teas
  • 1 glass teapot with a steel filter - 350ml
  • 1 thermometer to take the temperature of the water
  • 1 tea-measuring spoon
  • brochure with detailed information
  • brochure with a tasting sheet
  • QR code with link to access the course and participate online on Google Meet


Theory Introduction: 

  • origin and diffusion of tea
  • the main countries that produce tea
  • the most important steps to prepare loose-leaf teas – water type, temperature, how much tea to use, time of brewing
  • the difference between loose-leaf teas and bagged tea (tea bags)
  • the main techniques of tea processing
  • tools and accessories that can be found on the market for making tea: what to use and what to avoid 

Practical Lesson: 

  • how to properly use a tea pot to prepare tea
  • how to use a thermometer in tea preparation
  • how to use a spoon to measure the teas dose (tea leaves)
  • the preparation of the cup of tea (the final cup that will be used to pour the tea)
  • guidate tasting: how to recognize the aromas of tea before and after brewing


Time and mode: the course takes place in a single online session, from 10:30am to 13pm

Price: € 50,00 per person VAT/TAX included (€ 40,98 VAT/TAX excluded)

Info and registration: click "REGISTER" at the bottom of the page or send an e-mail to mumacacademy@cimbaligroup.com.

The registration will be confirmed once payment is received.

Information required for the kit delivery:

  • Name and Lastname (Please indicate the exact name that would be used for your personal deliveries)
  • delivery Address (Please provide all required information – i.e. postal code, city, house/apartment number and floor, etc.)
  • phone Number

Required equipment for the course:

  • 1 boiler or tea kettle to boil water
  • bottled mineral water, or filtered tap water
  • 1 cup (that can be used for tea/coffee) – no bigger than 300ml
  • 1 little tea plate or small bowl 

Required information for invoicing:

If invoicing is from a personal account:
Name and Surname
Date of birth
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If the invoice is from a company:
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Method of payment:

Cimbali Group S.p.A.
IBAN IT36B0306932550000001668189

Reason for transfer: "A proper tea course" + name and surname of participant


Registration deadline: no later than 16 February 2024. The course will be activated upon reaching the minimun number of partecipants.