MUMAC Academy Austria launches a new digital project: “Bean Talk – Weekly Coffee News”

The new online show by the Austrian Cimbali Group’s Academy will offer weekly updates and events about coffee, the world’s most loved drink.

On April 21st the very first show will be live and present interesting information on coffee plants, different preparations, as well as the new market trends.

The rich online agenda of the Cimbali Group with its MUMAC Academy in Vienna, specializing in training and refresher courses for all industry experts and Coffee Lovers, is about to launch the show “Bean Talk – Weekly Coffee News“, the new Academy project, which will also be an information channel for anything that is related to the world’s most loved hot drink.

An extremely rich and extensive show which will tell us about the new trends and innovations in the Coffee sector in English and German, involving experts and providing useful information in German-speaking countries – and also beyond.

The date for the first show is confirmed: on April 21st at 6 p.m. the first Bean Talk will be on air. The main topics for the show are four:

Botany: know more about coffee plants and to better understand biology and chemistry behind the world’s most famous drink.

Preparation methods: not only Latte Art and infusion, but also many other technical aspects about making the perfect cup.

Stories: the main experts and VIPs in the industry will be presented.

News: what’s new in the coffee world? What are the market-leading innovations? Which new gadgets can be tested in the in studio?

The new show completes the digital agenda of the Austrian MUMAC Academy, which has already started training sessions on LaCimbali, Faema and Slayer products since March and has introduced a new platform for cafés and restaurants of the international Cimbali community: “Back to the coffee”.

Watch the official Bean Talk trailer here – April 21st.

Instagram: @bean_talk_coffee_news

YouTube: @BeanTalk

A new programme dedicated to the LaCimbali S60 and Faema X60 fully-automatic models