Global Coffee Tour: Italian Chapter – ROME

A journey on the roads around the world to present the new Thermosiphonic President.

Join us in the first stages to discover Italy!

First stop: Rome!

The first stop of the Coffee Tour is at Tram Depot in the Talenti district. Special Guest Chiara Bergonzi. Come and taste the limited edition coffee-based drinks, exclusively created for the Road Tour and made with the new Thermosiphonic President.

Rome – Tram Depot Talenti

18 October

09:00 – 16:00

Via Corrado Alvaro, 37, Rome

Special Guest

Chiara Bergonzi will offer her signature drink made with Faema President from 11:30 to 14:00.


Flat Golden Veggie

Golden Milk + Alpro Oat & Coconut

Signature Drink by Chiara Bergonzi

Nutty Mocha

Cocoa powder + hazelnut syrup + Almond Alpro + double espresso

Spiced Iced Latte

Espresso + Chai tea syrup + Soya Alpro + ice

Prefer the great classics? Then be sure to try an espresso: with a Faema machine, you can enjoy one whenever you want.

Try out the new President.

There’s nothing like making a coffee yourself. During the day, you will have an exclusive opportunity to test the machine with the MUMAC Academy trainers.

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