“MUMAC Academy Hands On”

MUMAC Academy launches the “MUMAC Academy Hands On” project, a programme of educational and interactive activities on Gruppo Cimbali products. 

With the aim of providing comprehensive support to Gruppo Cimbali and its brands, MUMAC Academy, the Coffee Machine Academy, is today launching the “MUMAC Academy Hands On” project, a set of initiatives aimed at training and promotion relating to LaCimbali and Faema products. Online training for distributors and end users, workshops with special guests devoted to the coffee community, video tutorials, training tips and a digital recipe book.

The LaCimbali S15 opens the first chapter of “Hands On S15”, a full immersion into the world of super-automatic coffee machines. With the LaCimbali S15 you can rediscover the experience of espresso extracted with skill and craftsmanship as though by a barista in places where there is no barista, through technology and automation, two fundamental ingredients for a perfect blend.

The programme opens with training sessions dedicated to LaCimbali distributors around the world: the first sessions are provided by MUMAC Academy Headquarter trainers followed by in-depth sessions with branch trainers. There will also be a second training session aimed at the end user with a special focus on the different sales channels for the product on 11, 17 and 18 March, respectively for Italy, Europe and Asia. 

MUMAC Academy is kicking off the new year with a brand new initiative: the first workshop on super-automatics, open to all, with special guests such as Raimondo Morreale, Roaster at I Druper Coffee, on 23 February 23 and Paolo Scimone, Coffee Roasting Consultant & Owner of His Majesty the Coffee, on 24 February.

As part of “Hands On S15”, MUMAC Academy’s social media channels will be abuzz with special features: from this week, tips on machine functions every Thursday, training videos every Friday and from March a digital recipe book with simple and tasty video recipes just a click away.

The next “MUMAC Academy Hands On” events: M100 and S60 for LaCimbali, President and E71 Touch for Faema.  


“American vibes: Slayer, a new way of interpreting espresso” online workshop
Online Workshop on LaCimbali fully automatic machines and S15 with Paolo Scimone