“Round Table Talk”: the second online workshop on Slayer

MUMAC Academy’s second online training session devoted to the Slayer brand will take place on 23 March, in collaboration with various Italian representatives from the Slayer world.

MUMAC Academy is continuing to focus on the Slayer brand, devoting special attention to its iconic products and ‘addicted’. There will be a special opportunity to present and tell the story of this brand, which exclusively targets real coffee people. For the occasion, we will travel the boot of Italy, following the iconic silhouette of the Slayer Steam, through the involvement of some of the owners of premises that have chosen to embrace the Slayer philosophy. It will be a journey to discover the Slayer Steam LP lifestyle through different uses, opinions and the daily experiences of the owners.

How can Slayer change and simplify the habits of baristas or anyone closely involved with coffee? This will be discussed through guests’ stories together with Specialty Pal, a coffee influencer and promoter of high-quality coffee:

  • Fabrizio Gallo, commercial director at Torrefazione 68 (Civitavecchia)
  • Giovanni Benini, owner of Coffee Mantra and Tommaso Bongini, roaster (Florence)
  • Davide Roveto, owner and roaster at Caffè Cognetti, Bari
  • Luigi Parise, owner of Pergamino (Rome)
  • Aldo Arancio owner of Somac, a local coffee machine dealer (Caserta).

Starting with the opinions and impressions of those testing the machine, we will discuss how everyday working life has changed since using the Slayer Steam LP, with a particular focus on the workflow and the end result in the cup, the essence of ‘Make Coffee Better’.

There will then be a specific focus on the elements that set this product apart, in particular the additional technical support services, for example, which make it complete in every respect.

This is the second in a series of online events that MUMAC Academy and Slayer will be organising over the coming months: the third event, scheduled for April 2021, will provide an opportunity to discover the world of real coffee lovers in even greater detail.

The online workshop, which is free of charge and open to a limited number of participants, will be held on 23 March at 4 pm (CET) on Microsoft Teams.  Language: Italian.

To register for the course, click on “REGISTER FOR THE EVENT” and fill in the form. You will receive an email confirming your registration before the start of the course, with the Microsoft Teams link. Please, also check your spam folder!

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