#BackToTheCoffee online workshop: Espresso vs. filtered coffee, a comparison of extraction methods

MUMAC Coffee Academy presents its second free online workshop in the #BackToTheCoffee series for professionals and coffee lovers.

In the wake of the first workshop’s resounding success, the online training on modern coffeemaking continues with another course, and this time the focus turns to espresso and filtered coffee.

It is an opportunity for baristas, restaurateurs, HORECA professionals, students and coffee lovers to talk about coffee, with suggestions on how to include filtered drinks on coffee menus and guidance on how they differ from espresso in terms of preparation, aroma and body.
The training, scheduled for 2 December from 3 to 5 pm, is free, open to all and available online on Microsoft Teams, so anyone can easily participate from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Language: Italian.
The training will be held by Davide Roveto and Alessandro Giammatteo, MUMAC Coffee Academy trainers.

The course is part of the #BackToTheCoffee project which shines the spotlight on the bars and restaurants of our community around the world, giving them the chance to tell the world something about themselves on the social media pages of MUMAC Coffee Academy, LaCimbali and Faema.

To register for the workshop, click on “SIGN UP FOR THE EVENT”. Once you have sent your application, you will receive an email confirming your registration within three days from the start of the course.


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