Online workshop on Specialty Coffees

MUMAC Coffee Academy and Faema launch the online workshop “Understanding the present to build the future of bars, coffee shops and roasteries”.

The third training event organized by MUMAC Coffee Academy and Faema, in collaboration with Specialty Pal, is scheduled for 16 November.

After discussing brewing and espresso in the two previous workshops, respectively held by Jessica Sartiani and Davide Spinelli, we explore the theme of Specialty Coffee together with Paolo Scimone, Coffee Roasting Consultant & Owner of His Majesty the Coffee, and Alberto Nevola, AST Trainer, Roaster & Owner of Tostato Specialty Coffees. The digital event is on 16 November at 4 p.m.

It is an opportunity to explore the world of Specialty Coffee with advice on how to include it in the coffee menu at your premises and how to combine it with sweet and savoury food.

This activity is part of a series of events that MUMAC Coffee Academy and Faema are organising in collaboration with Specialty Pal, a coffee influencer and promoter of high-quality coffee.

To register for the workshop, click on “SIGN UP FOR THE EVENT”. Once you have sent your application, you will receive an email confirming your registration within three days from the start of the course.

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