24 June 2021

A calendar of training and interactive activities to promote Gruppo Cimbali products.

13 May 2021

The training offered by the MUMAC Academy is constantly expanding and aims to reach even more professionals throughout the country. The MUMAC Academy LAB project was born with this in mind and has a network of twin training centers at both LaCimbali and Faema dealerships.
LABs offer the possibility of training and remaining up-to-date on products found in one’s very own region through a controlled and quality system that’s in line with the proposals of MUMAC Academy.

20 April 2021

The new online show by the Austrian Cimbali Group’s Academy will offer weekly updates and events about coffee.

16 April 2021

A calendar of educational and interactive activities.

25 March 2021

The third chapter of the “MUMAC Academy Hands On” project devoted to Faema President, is now under way.

18 March 2021

A series of events dedicated to the Faema X15 compact fully-automatic.

2 February 2021

MUMAC Academy launches the “MUMAC Academy Hands On” project, a programme of educational and interactive activities on Gruppo Cimbali products.

28 October 2020

Scopri tutti gli eventi che abbiamo organizzato per te per celebrare il caffè.

16 October 2020

Un viaggio sulle strade di tutto il mondo per presentare la nuova Faema President Termosifonica.

COVID-19 Policy // News
7 September 2020

We can’t wait to see you back here. Let’s get back on our feet by enjoying culture and helping each other to take care of ourselves!