Choose between professional courses or courses designed for the coffee enthusiast in you. Here you will have the chance to take part in the Coffee Skills Program, the internationally recognized training program of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), along with the Coffee Sustainability Program (SCA) and courses from the Latte Art Grading System and Q-Grader course.
Coffee Skills Program Latte Art Grading System Coffee Sustainability Program Coffee Lover
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Coffee Lover
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Espresso and Beyond for Coffee Lovers
Course for enthusiasts who want to deepen their knowledge of coffee culture.

Barista Skills Professional - SCA
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The course for those who have a high experience in the coffee world and have completed the level Barista Skills Intermediate.

Green Coffee Intermediate - SCA
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A course for those about to start working with the raw material.

Roasting Foundation - SCA
Coming Soon

Calling those taking their first steps in the coffee roasting industry.

Roasting Professional - SCA
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This advanced course is designed for those who have already attended the previous levels and want to become a true roasting expert.

Sensory Skills Professional - SCA
Coming Soon

The last step of the Sensory Skills Module aims to take your understanding of the sensory scientific method to the highest level.

Coffee Sustainability Program Intermediate - SCA
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Find out more about the challenges of global sustainability and how to put new or existing solutions into practice.

Arabica Q-Grader - CQI
Coming Soon

The course to become a true expert in tasting with a certification from the Coffee Quality Institute.

M2 Espresso Italiano Specialist - IIAC
Coming Soon

The indispensable know-how for the barista, in collaboration with IIAC (International Institute of Coffee Tasters).

Latte Art Advanced
Coming Soon

The perfect course for those aiming to create latte art masterpieces.

Barista Skills Foundation
Coming Soon

Recommended for those entering the coffee world and those looking to improve their skills behind the bar.

Brewing Foundation - SCA
Coming Soon

Not only espresso! Learn how to prepare a delicious cup with alternative brewing methods.

Green Coffee Professional
Coming Soon

This is the highest level of training in the Green Coffee module which prepares students for managerial jobs within the coffee industry.

Roasting Intermediate - SCA
Coming Soon

In this level, students will learn how to properly handle roasting through practical tests and sensory analysis.

Sensory Skills Fondation - SCA
Coming Soon

Learn about the essential of sensorial analysis of your cup of coffee from the first sip.

Coffee Sustainability Program Foundation - SCA
Coming Soon

For those who want to better understand the main sustainability challenges that the coffee sector is facing.

Coffee Sustainability Program Professional - SCA
Coming Soon

To implement a sustainability program within its specific context.

M1 Espresso Italiano Tasting - IIAC
Coming Soon

The course that allows you to obtain a tasting license granted by IIAC (International Institute of Coffee Tasters).

Latte Art Beginner
Coming Soon

Dedicated to those who want to discover the secrets to decorate drinks with latte art.

Coming Soon

The first course on Alpro plant-based drinks with Chiara Bergonzi for all baristas in Italy.